Neurochemistry & Neuroengineering

Neurochemistry deals with the wonderful chemistry that happens within the brainnervous system and the somatic cell with that it communicates. The development of chemistry that generates electrical signals that propagate on nerve cells and the chemistry at the conjugation by neurotransmitters are the prime locations. Strong analysis work on the brain and its impact on behavior and psychological functions can portray the organic compound behavior and health problem because of the chemical imbalance which can explore the chances of advances within the field of neurosciences and disorders.

Neuro-engineering (also called neural engineering) is a discipline of medical specialty engineering that uses engineering techniques to know, repair, replace, enhance, or otherwise exploit the properties of neural systems.

  • Neurochemicals and Cell Signaling
  • Clinical Neurochemistry
  • Molecular and Cellular Neurochemistry
  • Advances in the treatment of frontotemporal disease with Neuro-engineering
  • Neuro-engineering current and future development