Neurogenetics & Neuromarketing

Genetics is the investigation of qualities, hereditary selection, and heredity in living life forms. It is of a field of science, however, crosses as typically as potential with varied alternative life sciences and is unambiguously connected with the investigation of information frameworks. Genetic qualities and neurology are contemplated along in a branch of science referred to as neurogenetics, that issues the advance and capability of the sensory system and additionally in its quality of advancement. Neurogenetics emphasizes the role of single genes while not a network-interaction context once learning the nervous system.

Neuromarketing is a new and a special technique of promoting and using the medical technologies like functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) to check the responses in brain to investigate for marketing stimuli. To live or to investigate changes in activity of the brain and elements of brain and to find out why consumers create the choices researchers use the magnetic resonance imaging and that they conjointly check what a part of the brain is telling them to do or try to do.

  • Neural Engineering
  • Cancer neurogenetics
  • Gene mutation and disease
  • Brain fitness
  • Political Neuromarketing
  • Olfactory Marketing